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Case Studies:

SOAR Outdoor Adventure Camp (501c3)
SOAR Logo FullAn outdoor adventure camp and boarding academy for kids and teens with AD/HD and Learning Disabilities based near Waynesville, NC.

  • From a slow and steady fanpage, doubled the amount of fans in 5 months and generated continued activity.
  • Through organic marketing and perfect ad placement, sold out SOAR’s GAP Year program (for young adults 18-22) that had been struggling to fill spaces. These spaces run upward of $50,000 per semester.
  • Also sold out adventure programs that were struggling to fill.
  • Completely overhauled their SEO and dramatically increased their rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing, making them show up on the first page of results where they weren’t before, and improving their already existing first page results.
  • Published 16 successful Youtube videos.
  • Found interview spots for the director on national Attention Talk Radio.
  • Wrote dozens of catchy blog articles.
  • Designed, created and promoted 100s of successful memes.
  • Organized the direction of their website overhaul.

A Directory for Health Professionals*
A leading international directory of health professionals with high ethics and standards.

  • Shown over 1000% increase in fans over a year and a half to nearly 5000 fans as of August 2012, working part-time and under strict posting guidelines. Updated: As of November 2013, we’ve increased 10-fold to over 50,000! Updated Again: As of January 2015, their Facebook fanpage is up to nearly 200k fans.
  • Trained a small team to continue management of their social media efforts in the strategy that I set forth.
  • I managed and strategized all of their social media accounts:
    • Twitter account has grown from ~3000 followers to nearly 20,000 followers in less than a year.
    • LinkedIn group went from absolutely nothing to over 3000 professional counselors in less than a year.
    • Google+ has over 2,000 followers.
  • This resulted in increased traffic, professional sign-ups, referrals to professionals, blog comments, SEO ranking and more.

*For confidentiality purposes this company may not be named.

The Sacred Embodiment Center
A local center based in Asheville, North Carolina that supports the healing arts, massage, music and many other types of events.

  • Designed website
  • On-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimized Social Media Accounts
  • Driven traffic to website resulting in actual ticket sales

Merlin’s Herbal Magic
A small superfoods company based in Maui.

  • Helped them achieve 300 real, interested fans on Facebook in 1 week resulting in increased orders
  • Helped them double their sales from the website in 6 months.

Chakralat, Anahata LLC
Small Sugar/Dairy free chocolate company based in Olympia, Washington.

  • Managed all business aspects including:
    • Print marketing; brochures, business cards, signs, fliers, order forms, menus, gift cards and more.
    • Online marketing; boosted social media, online web presence, brought in actual sustained income using Etsy
    • Helped formulate LLC and acquire necessary licenses
    • Converted actual sales to Etsy and website

    Other Businesses
    Xam has helped dozens of small businesses, large businesses and health practitioners gain a foothold in online media. Accounts include Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, Asheville Marathon & Half, Idaph Events, BehaveNet, the Mystic Garden Festival, Dr. Cheple Chiropractic, the GreenHive collective, Gift From Within (501c3). Center for Self Leadership, R.EVOLution Festival (501c3), Bhakti Bliss, Pr. Kalila Borghini LCSW, Cindy Ricardo LMFT, Chef Brian Lucas, Chef Naddina, Asheville Raw Foods Community, VOXUS, Kim Epperly, Karen Rae Ferreira, Little Miss Pilates, Buddha For You and many many more.