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It’s on everybody’s mind. Is it really worth it?

A lot of marketing firms and other consultants will intentionally obscure or hide their pricing. Letting you get hooked on what they’re selling you before dropping the bomb. Sticker-shock is a real thing when it comes to hiring someone to help out your business, so I’d rather be up-front about it. Keep in mind, these rates are negotiable, and for the right cause I have a history of giving a lower rate. I offer two levels of involvement:


  • As a consultant, I’m spending a short period of time giving you, the motivated entrepreneur, highly valuable information to go out and do what needs to be done. I don’t have to do much and you get to learn things you could only get from a three thousand dollar weekend seminar or 4 years of business college.
    • For consulting I ask $55/hr or $30 for a half.

“After an hour-long consultation, taking Xam’s advice has already increased my number of appointments!”
Rev. Shamalah Allah
(Actual Quote)


  • For a project I generally ask a little bit more than for long-term contracting and depending on the level of expertise required. The lower complexity of the project or task(s) the lower I’ll ask.
    • In general, I ask $15-$30/hr for this type of work.

Something to Note:

  • As a professional, part of what you’re paying for is the speed and efficiency at which things are accomplished. Consider someone who is fresh in the field that doesn’t have much of an idea on how to begin. There’s a major learning curve, and things can take 4-8x more time than tasks assigned to an experienced professional. There will be mistakes, and sometimes they can cost you. I don’t often make mistakes, but when I do, I don’t charge you for it and it’s fixed as soon as possible. Your success is my business. 

Please contact me for any pricing questions!