Integrative Marketing Specialist - Asheville, NC. Affordable marketing for your local business. Experience the best SEO, social media, content and comprehensive marketing strategy you've ever seen.


There are many areas of marketing to cover, and it can be confusing. So please read through each description and decide what you think will best help your business or practice succeed. Please use the contact form and give me all of the information you can to help create the strategy that will best work for you and your business.

Read about my services below:

Search Engine Optimization – for improving visibility in Google search and other search engines. Dramatically increases traffic and rankings in search. A majority of internet users search for what they want to purchase by Googling it.



Social Media -for networking, improving branding and gaining exposure. While most users search for what they want to buy, they may be introduced to it through social media. Internet users spend a majority of their time on social networks.



Content Marketing – Graphics and writing are crucial to a successful marketing strategy. People don’t pay attention to direct sales propositions anymore. Using content to build brand recognition and loyalty is far more effective, in the short and long run.




Other Marketing Services – I provide a plethora of other marketing services to suit your needs. If I can’t do it, I know someone who can.