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Content Writing and Graphics

Content is king, so they say. Content (blog articles, videos and images) are the driving force for all of the major online marketing strategies: Website, SEO and Social Media. Content…

  • Makes your website stronger and gives people a reason to stay there.
  • Has powerful SEO triggers to get more people to your website through search engines.
  • Has the ability to go viral through social media, causing increased traffic, SEO, and ultimately customers.

Anybody can write a blog article, throw together some graphics or shoot a video. But there’s a science to it. Consider the drab, boring video. Who wants to watch that? Here are some facts about content:

  • 68% of professional marketers plan to increase their blogging.*
  • 58% of professional marketers agree that written content is the most important, followed by visual content at 17%.*
  • 60% of effective marketing professionals have a documented content marketing plan.**
  • Only 33% of marketers feel that they’re effective using content marketing.**

The good news for you is that I’m one of them. If you’re looking to propel yourself ahead of the competition, contact me. There’s no risk and you will not be charged for an initial phone call.

*Social Media Examiner Industry Report 2014

**Content Marketing Institute B2C Research 2014