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Other Marketing Services

Other Services include:

Web Development
I can build a beautiful, elegant website for you using WordPress – which allows you to customize your settings and all the tools to make your website your own. WordPress is also the most used and easily recognizable web foundations, and thus many programmers and designers are familiar with it. I will give you a tutorial, if necessary, on the basics of WordPress to help you manage your web presence, or I can manage it for you.

Graphic Design
I have a number of graphic designer/artist colleagues that can create any logo, branding, template or graphic you can dream of.

Newsletter & PR services
I can manage your newsletter and submit press releases for your small business or company. Sending out newsletters is a really great way to get repeat traffic to your website. Newsletters can also be the part of traffic “safety net” helping bring people in who may have liked what you have to offer, but may not have been in a position to purchase, donate or acquire services at the initial time of visitation.

Press Releases are for medium and large sized companies who would like to increase their branding and have something major to announce. They’re not cheap. Press Releases start at $950. I have a colleague who writes press releases and can get them out there.

Offline Marketing Materials
I can design or have your brochures, fliers, business cards, signage, posters and other offline, tactile marketing materials designed for you. Ask for a quote for more details. I have worked with many local businesses with their print marketing, and the sleek and simple design really appeals to a lot of different demographics. If you’d like something more artistic, I can certainly create something utilizing the skills of our other designers.

Print Ads
Print advertising can be an effective medium for local businesses. Getting in local prints such as the Mountain Express or the Citizen Times can be difficult. I’m here to help understand the cost and benefit of running such campaigns. I also specialize in working with the media to get the best prices.