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From past colleagues and clients

Xam has been with us for a week and has already made a huge impact. I like where we’re headed.
John Willson
Executive Director of SOAR

Xam is a great guy: big-hearted, great sense of humor, authentic and conscientious. The well being of the planet matters to him. Love working with Xam and am grateful for all the thought and energy he puts into [our] social media and search engine efforts. Our accounts, traffic and membership have grown substantially with his help.”
CEO and Founder of Large Health Organization (confidential)

Xam is a great asset in social media and has taught me a lot of things about utilizing SEO and social media with my web design, videos and music. Because of him, I’ve been able to grow my personal profile, fan-base and web-traffic to better share my web design services to a broader audience. He’s friendly, understanding, light-hearted and delivers, as well as being a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone who’s seeking to reach the people that are waiting for them to be reached.
Jacob Louis
Blue Lotus Media

Xam is a major contributor to the success of my chocolate business. He helps me with so many things! Xam creates all of my marketing materials, helps manage my social media accounts, creates documents & invoices, and helps me make, distribute, and sell my product. His help with my computer and webwork has been a crucial aspect of building my business.
Lydia Love
Owner of Chakralates

Xam is a refreshing pleasure to work with. He always maintains a positive attitude and offers clear direction for social marketing goals. His quick response time and personable attitude makes easy to work with him. I recommend him.
Lael Alon
Lael Alon Design Studio

Xam and I worked together for over a year on the marketing team in various positions and responsibilities, and I highly recommend him. Xam is a very creative, abstract thinker who invests his full self into social media and marketing projects. He is very adept at observing industry and social trends and capitalizing on them in innovate ways. Xam’s methods certainly yield results – he sets high goals and often exceeds them through clever micro-tactics and trend setting ideas. Additionally, Xam is ultimately a team player who sees the good in those he works with and his positive energy is contagious. He is a kind individual who attacks problems from a variety of angles, and never sees any feat as impossible.
Faith Markham
Voxus, Inc.

I have worked with Xam during the past year and he has been a pleasure to team up with to further our mission/vision, along with our online marketing (SEO) and social media presence. He is committed to setting realistic goals, achieving measurable results, learning and expanding his professional knowledge, and contributing toward team success with creative ideas. Xam continues to help improve our Marketing, Social Media, and Partnership initiatives.
Director of Business Development, A Large Health Organization (Confidential)

After an hour-long consultation, taking Xam’s advice has already dramatically increased my number of appointments!
Rev. Shamalah Allah